New Girl: Season 6 — a review

The word “sitcom” is short for “situation comedy.” Typically, a sitcom will center around a fixed group of characters in a particular situation, or setting. For instance, Cheers was a sitcom that centered around the employees and customers of a Boston bar. News Radio was about characters who worked at a news radio station. Wings: […]

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New Girl: Season 5 — a review

By the time a sitcom hits its fifth season, it knows what it’s all about. Or, it should. The creative forces behind New Girl certainly did, and Season 5 offers up generous portions of what we were already being served. Which is more funny stuff, of course. Zooey Deschanel was missing for a half-dozen episodes […]

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New Girl: Season 4 — a review

Season 3 of New Girl was my least favorite season of the series going into this one. But, it wasn’t awful. I graded it a B+, which is only disappointing after finding out that the first two seasons both got A‘s. The show made the Moonlighting mistake of letting Nick and Jess become romantically involved, […]

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