Boldly Going: Enterprise

  This review of Enterprise (which only became Star Trek: Enterprise in season 3) is based on the first six episodes of the first season. This is my second viewing of these. I made it this far before, and one more episode, if I’m remembering correctly, before abandoning the series. I’m soldiering through this time. […]

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Boldly Going: Deep Space Nine: Series Premiere: “Emissary” (Parts 1 & 2)

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine was always, to me, “that Star Trek about the space truck stop.” Like a cosmic Stuckey’s. But, I’m watching it now, and it has merit. While watching the first two-part episode, “Emissary,” I was initially distracted by Avery Brooks’ head. Brooks plays the role of Commander Benjamin Sisko, the new […]

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