Boldly Going: Season One Roundup

Not so very long ago—on January 29, 2017, in fact—I began a new project that I pompously called Boldly Going (after the now famous Trek preamble, with the split infinitive that’s become accepted usage, “to boldly go”).  The goal of this project involves my watching every episode of Star Trek-related television that currently exists. Initially, […]

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Boldly Going: Enterprise

  This review of Enterprise (which only became Star Trek: Enterprise in season 3) is based on the first six episodes of the first season. This is my second viewing of these. I made it this far before, and one more episode, if I’m remembering correctly, before abandoning the series. I’m soldiering through this time. […]

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Boldly Going: Deep Space 9

Star Trek: Deep Space 9 was always, to me, “that Star Trek about the space truck stop.” Like a cosmic Stuckey’s. But, I’m watching it now, and it has merit. While watching the first two-part episode, “Emissary,” I was initially distracted by Avery Brooks’s head. Brooks plays the role of Commander Benjamin Sisko, the new […]

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