What If …?: Season 1 (Disney +) — a review

As soon as I watched the first episode of this series, “What If . . . Captain Carter Were the First Avenger?” I knew that I was going to like it. Although the movie Iron Man was the official kickoff of the MCU, it was the first Captain America movie that really set the tone […]


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Supergirl: Season 5 — a review

I was looking back through my posts and discovered something I had forgotten. I never wrote reviews for Supergirl: Season 4 or The Flash: Season 5. I remember what happened. I did watch all the episodes of both of those seasons, growing increasingly dejected as I did so. I’ve described this before as DC-on-CW fatigue. […]

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Invincible: Season 1: Episode 1: “It’s About Time” — a review (Amazon Original)

I’ve written reviews of the first shows of new series I’ve watched before. I recall writing separate reviews for the first and second episodes of The Orville. I wasn’t crazy about the first, but I came around by the second. Still, I generally wait until I’ve watched the whole season. There are only eight episodes […]

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Watchmen: Season 1 — a review

I didn’t think a sequel to the Alan Moore/Dave Gibbons classic Watchmen comic (much less the Zach Snyder movie) was possible. I was mistaken. Having finished the season, though, I’m not certain that there will be another. The finale ends on a semi-cliffhanger, which made me think another season was in the works. I avoided […]

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Titans: Season 2 — a review

I watched the final episode of the second season of DC Universe’s Titans this morning. Appropriately enough, it was titled “Nightwing,” and featured the first appearance of Dick Grayson (Brenton Thwaites) in the Nightwing costume. The Boy Wonder has finally grown up. This season showed me that it was possible to be both impressed and […]

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