Episodes: Season 5 — a review

It was the Showtime/BBC series Episodes that finally made me a Matt LeBlanc fan. Not Friends. I mean, Joey Tribbiani was okay, in a vacuous meathead himbo sort of way. And his most famous catchphrase—”How you doin’?”—remains a part of my personal repertoire. But, Joey was strictly B-team on Friends, the sidekick, the friend-of-a-friend, never […]

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Episodes: Season 4 — a review

During the second act of a story (after crossing the threshold from the ordinary world into the special, if you’re Joseph Campbell savvy), the writer sorely tests his protagonists with all manner of problems and obstacles, the object being to bring the characters down to their lowest point. It’s always darkest before the dawn, and […]

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Episodes: Season 3 — a review

  Now that we’re two seasons into this series, we know what to expect going forward, don’t we? The stars of Episodes are Sean and Beverly Lincoln (Stephen Mangan, Tamsin Greig), successful British comedy writers transplanted to the USA to make a Hollywood version of their successful British show, and, of course, Matt LeBlanc (a […]

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Episodes: Season 2 — a review

  After watching the seven episodes in the first season of Episodes, the viewer has some idea of what to expect from this Showtime/BBC series going forward. I liked Season One (see why it earned a respectable A- here), and I liked the show’s sophomore season even more. As the season opens, Sean and Beverly […]

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Episodes: Season 1 — a review

I’m returning to my old form here, watching a television series after it’s been off the air for a couple of years. I wish I had “discovered” this one sooner. I was aware that the Showtime series Episodes existed. And, I knew that it starred Matt LeBlanc playing some version of himself. Subconsciously, I think, […]

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