|||[Boldly Going]||| Star Trek: the Next Generation: Episode 2.9 “The Measure of a Man”

Star Trek: The Next Generation: Episode 2.9 “The Measure of a Man” is the first perfect episode of TNG that I’ve watched. This comes on the heels of Episode 2.8 “A Matter of Honor” which I considered the first “very good” episode. I’ve been grading these episodes on a 5-point scale as I’ve watched them. […]

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Better Call Saul: Season 3: a review

It should go without saying: SPOILERS AHEAD, TURN BACK NOW! Having just finished “Lantern,” the finale episode of season 3 of Better Call Saul, I’ve had a realization. Although it’s taken 30 episodes in total—all three seasons—I now realize that the story about how James “Jimmy” McGill becomes Saul Goodman is a tragedy. A person […]

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Colony: a 2-season review

I watched the first season of Colony on Netflix just before the second season began. I recorded the second on my DVR and recently finished watching all of the recorded episodes. No surprises here. I’m an OG science-fiction nerd. I like this series. It comes with a certain pedigree. Carlton Cuse is one of the […]

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iZombie: Season 1: — a review

The television series iZombie has always been advertised heavily on the DC superhero shows I like to watch. So, I was aware of its existence. I just never felt compelled to watch it. Let me explain. When I saw the earliest commercials, I dismissed the show as an attempt to capitalize on the mega-hit that […]

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Marvel’s Iron Fist: a review

I am so pissed off at everyone right now. Okay. Maybe not everyone. It just seems like everyone. All of the critics started unloading on Marvel’s Iron Fist before it was even released, and then everyone else seemed to jump on the hate bandwagon. Most of the early critic reviews were based on just the […]

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The Walking Dead: a review

I’ve been on board The Walking Dead fan bus since the beginning of the first season. No, I’m not an OG fan—a fan of the Image comic who started watching the show after the fact. Quite the opposite, in fact. I just began reading the comics in 2016. I’m not devouring it in one sitting. […]

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Boldly Going: Enterprise

  This review of Enterprise (which only became Star Trek: Enterprise in season 3) is based on the first six episodes of the first season. This is my second viewing of these. I made it this far before, and one more episode, if I’m remembering correctly, before abandoning the series. I’m soldiering through this time. […]

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Legion: a preemptive review

SPOILERS AHEAD. STOP READING NOW IF YOU PLAN TO EVER WATCH THE FX TELEVISION SHOW ‘LEGION.’ YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED. Truth is, I’m not sure if there are any genuine spoilers in this piece, because I just watched the first episode of LEGION and I’m still not sure what’s going on. And I like it. […]

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