Veronica Mars: the movie

If you watch the movie Veronica Mars without having previously watched the three seasons of the television show, I don’t think you’ll enjoy it as much. The movie felt, to me, like another episode of the show, with all the familiar characters just a little older. Logan Echolls is the prime suspect in a murder, […]

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Veronica Mars, Season 2: a review

I just finished watched season two of Veronica Mars, and I want to begin this review with an unqualified blanket statement: Even when I don’t like this series, I still like this series. Now, I can begin to qualify this statement. Every episode of this series isn’t great. There are some uneven performances at times, […]

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Veronica Mars: Season 1

  Recently, I was reading up on the proper way to write reviews of television shows. It seems that this has become an interest of mine, both watching and reviewing, and I thought that I might make the attempt to do it correctly, as the professionals might. One of the rules that stuck out to […]

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