Paper Girls: Season 1 (Prime Video) — a review

I’m not big on labels. I am a writer. And if I’m pressed on the issue, I’ll cop to being a reviewer but never a critic. Here’s the main difference between a reviewer and a critic, according to me. Critics get paid to finish watching things, even movies and television series that they don’t like, […]


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Looking Forward (February 2022 Update): New Year, Same Pathology

This is the quadmonthly happiness report for February 2022. Our company motto is “Read. Play. Watch. Listen.” And, then, of course: “Write About It.” “Read” Since the October 2021 update, the following books were completed: Supernatural: Heart of the Dragon, by Keith R.A. DeCandido (urban fantasy/media tie-in) Big Damn Hero (Firefly #1), by James Lovegrove […]

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