Idea Building (creative writing tips from Pencil Sketches, Modeling Clay and Fred Saberhagen)

  This post, at its heart, is an essay about developing ideas for writing projects. I’m no stranger to having ideas. Ideas are cheap. The implication that a good idea is all you need to write any work of fiction, from a short story to a multi-volumed series of books, is somewhat insulting. Especially to […]

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Finding Your Writer’s Voice

Photo by Jason Rosewell on Unsplash When I was a young man, I was confused about what was meant by a “writer’s voice.” I was committing words to paper, not recording an outgoing message on an answering machine. How does “voice” figure into that? Over the years, I’ve come to recognize the authorial voice. You […]

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10-List: Essential Books for Writers

Okay. Maybe the word “essential” is overused. But, this is a more efficient title than “Firewater’s Personal Recommendations of Books for Writers, Limited to 10 of His Nonfictional Favorites.” As with any list of things, your personal mileage may vary. Although I haven’t read every book about writing or every reference book ever published, I […]

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