10-List: Fictional Corporations


The following is a list of 10 corporations that exist only in their fictional universes.


  • Oscorp Technologies (Marvel Comics) — This one is found primarily in Spider-Man comics. It’s founder and CEO was Norman Osborne, who also became the Green Goblin. At least he did back when I was reading comics.
  • 10CorpLex
  • LexCorp (DC Comics) — Equal time here. Both of the comics giants have created many fictional corporations. I’ve listed only one from each, as the quintessential fictional corporations from both. That they are both “evil” corporations is merely a coincidence.
  • 10CorpUmbrella
  • Umbrella Corporation (Resident Evil franchise) — Speaking of evil. This was a British multinational conglomerate in the Resident Evil video game and movie franchise. It was responsible for the spread of the T-virus that was responsible for zombies and monstrous mutations.
  • 10CorpDharma
  • Dharma Initiative (Lost) — This was the mysterious research project or corporation that seemed to be behind all the weird goings-on on the island in the television series Lost.
  • 10CorpAbstergo
  • Abstergo Industries (Assassin’s Creed franchise) — Another multinational corporate conglomerate. This one is the primary front for the modern day activities of the Templar Order. Its primary mission is the destruction of the Assassin Order, the procurement of advanced technologies created by the First Civilization, and establishing a New World Order. Typical corporate mission statement.
  • 10CorpPrimatech
  • Primatech Paper Co. (Heroes) — A paper production/distribution company in Odessa, Texas, that is actually just a front for the Company, an organization that tracks evolved humans.
  • 10CorpPositronics
  • North Central Positronics (Stephen King’s Dark Tower series) — A company specializing in the production of robots that was, in turn, owned by the Sombra Corporation. King borrowed the word “positronics” from Isaac Asimov’s robot stories, the same way Star Trek: The Next Generation borrowed it for Data.
  • 10CorpDelos
  • Delos Inc. (Westworld) — This is the fictional corporation that operated the Westworld theme parks, among other things. Delos has been around since the 1970s version of Westworld.
  • 10CorpBlueSun
  • Blue Sun Corporation (Firefly) — The richest and most politically connected corporation in the system. Blue Sun products are available everywhere, and the company isn’t above deadly corporate espionage, using its political clout to remain untouchable by law.
  • 10CorpMassiveDyn
  • Massive Dynamic (Fringe) — This is the multinational conglomerate founded by Leonard Nimoy’s William Bell. The corporation is involved in all manner of fringe science. Their catchy slogan? “What do we do? What don’t we do?” Sounds a little like the BASF Corporation.

Oh, I know there are many other fictional corporations you can think of. These are the ones that resonated with me for some reason.

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