10-List: First Seasons (Since October 2022)

I take a lot of series on a test run. Some I watch and become addicted to, and I watch more. Some, not so much. These are the first seasons I’ve watched or started since October 2022.

Farzar (Netflix)

Another animated series, this one brought to you by the same team responsible for Paradise PD. I’m not sure if there are more coming, but I won’t be watching. Apparently, there is a limit to how much crude and disgusting humor I’m willing to subject myself to, and this was it.

Crazyhead – Cara Theobold, Susan Wokoma and Lewis Reeves)

Crazyhead (Netflix)

Unfortunately, there was only one season of this engaging series, which was quite evocative of shows like Buffy the Vampire Slayer and the UK’s own Truth Seekers, which also featured one of the young stars of this series. Still worth watching.

Paper Girls (Prime Video)

Based on the comic book written by Brian K. Vaughan. I can’t compare it to the source material, but I thought this was a unique take on time travel stories. Sadly, this one, too, did not survive for a second season on Amazon. Maybe another service will pick it up.

The Terminal List (Prime Video)

Chris Pratt as a Navy Seal embroiled in what may be a vast conspiracy. It seems like I’m watching variations of this same story in several different series. It kept my interest, and it didn’t make me angry.

Blockbuster (Netflix)

A sitcom about the last Blockbuster Video rental store made by the company that helped make their business model obsolete. Feels a little like dancing on the graves of your enemies. It wasn’t bad; it wasn’t great. Cancelled after one season, the way Netflix do.

Dead to Me (Netflix)

I’m a little late getting around to this one. I like Christina Applegate and Linda Cardelini. This has three seasons. I’m already into Season 2.

Another Life (Netflix)

Katee Sackhoff in space again. ‘Nuff said. Netflix produced only two seasons of this imaginative series. Shades of Alien, Sphere, Battlestar Galactica, and a thousand other science-fiction properties. If you like the things I like, it’ll entertain you as well.

Upload (Prime Video)

The similarities to The Good Place struck me instantly. Both series were created by former producers/writers/directors from The Office. Greg Daniels created this one; Michael Schur created The Good Place. Both series are a comedic take on the afterlife. In both, the idea of “heaven” seems somewhat tainted. Other than these surface commonalities, the two are different. In Upload, the afterlife presented is a technological achievement like something from Black Mirror.

Star Wars: Tales of the Jedi (Disney +)

My love of Star Wars was rekindled by the Disney + offerings, so I had to add this show into the mix. Interesting animation. Always interesting mythos. You already know if this one is in your wheelhouse.

Will Trent (ABC)

Another series about a defective detective, ala Monk, Bosch or Columbo. This is based on a series of books written by Karin Slaughter, an author I’ve never read. Two episodes in, it reminds me more of Netflix’s The Lincoln Lawyer (which should have another season streaming this year). I’m reserving judgment until I’ve watched the entire season. The fake Southern accents bother me at times, but that’s true with many series. So far, I’ve liked it enough to watch two episodes and to look forward to the third.

There will be more to follow. You can count on it.


One thought on “10-List: First Seasons (Since October 2022)

  1. Glad to see Will Trent here. I had a feeling it might be a good watch, and have enjoyed what I have seen so far. Really enjoyed Upload – watched that from the start of the series and am looking forward to more. Loved Paper Girls also, and was sad to see it didn’t get a second season. Deserves a better fate.

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